Module Suite With Chrome Consulting

With Module Suite Chrome Consulting delivered complex project requirements and helped customers maxi.

With many years of experience deploying OpenText Content Suite in SAP environments Chrome Consulting has become the number one xECM partner in Australia and New Zealand. Chrome Consulting has completed over 90% of projects with notable global and regional firsts. Chrome Consulting is a certified SAP and OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Implementation Partner specializing in servicing clients across the Asia Pacific Region. Chrome Consulting is the largest and most experienced OpenText certified implementation partner for SAP specializing on xECM for SAP, xECM for SuccessFactors and Vendor Invoice Management.

One of Chrome Consulting’s guiding ideas has always been that business activities traverse both business applications (like SAP) as well as the unstructured world (like paper, emails, etc.). The belief that automation across both domains of data (structured and unstructured) can achieve much bigger benefits than just optimizing one domain has rendered Chrome Consulting’s vision quite unique. Delivering projects with these core principles was sometimes a challenge, therefore, a new set of tools was needed to efficiently deliver automation while retaining both agility and maintainability. Chrome Consulting learned about the Module Suite through the community and soon after, made the strategic decision to adopt it as the differentiator in its Content Suite / xECM (CS/xECM) for SAP projects. After demonstrating Module Suite, Chrome Consulting saw a shift in how customers perceived their CS/xECM platform. Instead of being viewed as a document centric platform, CS/xECM started being identified as a potential process centric platform on which any sort of content driven process could be delivered quickly and by leveraging current business applications.

Why Chrome Consulting adopted Module Suite

Streamlined developments.

Chrome Consulting wanted to reduce project time by nearly half so an easy-to-learn, well-documented and low-coding based tools were needed thereby making Module Suite the ideal solution. Equally important was the fact that new forms based solutions were now possible due to the Module Suite’s powerful and innovative capabilities.

Content Suite’s evolution.

The CS/xECM platform is continuously evolving and bringing new features to the table. Chrome Consulting was able to immediately exploit these new features thanks to the flexibility of Module Suite. This in turn allowed up-to-date and relevant solutions to be proposed and delivered almost immediately to customers.

Benefits of Module Suite in Content Suite projects

Enriching the SmartUI experience. OpenText’s introduction of the new SmartUI interface provided the team at Chrome Consulting with the opportunity to support its customers in delivering Process Centric applications. The Module Suite’s extensive support of the SmartUI accelerated the deployment and user adoption of easy to use Process Centric forms and dashboards.

“This is one area where Module Suite brings its benefits… it can truly enhance the Content Suite experience.”

Improving workflow performance. Customers commonly experienced significant performance issues when deploying large complex workflows. By re-engineering workflows with Module Suite, it was possible to obtain a significant increase in performance while maintaining, or in some cases, extending the workflows’ functionality. For these reasons Module Suite became the de-facto standard whenever a project has workflow requirements.

“Workflows that were enhanced with Module Suite ran much quicker and were far more reliable.”

Up-to-date solutions. Whenever a new CS/xECM version and/or feature was launched, AnswerModules promptly published its own compatible release. This allowed Chrome Consulting to propose solutions which took full advantage of the latest technologies and facilitated the updates of customers’ CS/xECM platform.

“Module Suite is always up-to-date and very much aligned to Content Suite’s latest developments.”

Extending ROI. By helping to implement more use-cases on their CS/xECM platofrm, Module Suite effectively helped organizations to derive more ROI from their ECM investments. This was especially evident to those customers whom purchased CS/xECM for a narrow set of needs but thanks to the Module Suite were able to extend their system and process for new projects.

“Our clients recognized that Module Suite enables them to achieve more with Content Suite.”

The future of Module Suite at Chrome Consulting

Chrome Consulting saw a change in the market where customers were increasingly reluctant to engage in long risky projects with delayed realisation of benefits and therefore longer returns on investment. To position themselves favorably within this shift, Chrome Consulting is now developing pre-packaged solutions that require minimal configuration for each customer. Module Suite enables Chrome Consulting to re-use existing building blocks and therefore deliver industry best practice solutions.