ECM Document Migration

Perform off-the-shelf document migration and digital transformation in 20% of the time and for 40% of the cost using the fme data migration platform


Document Migration with migration-center by fme

Migration-center supports over 180 migration paths, reaching into cloud systems, and supporting delta migration to minimise the impact on business operations. It is an extremely flexible and extensible tool with built-in transformation functions so that you can be confident in your migration approach. The migration can represent the move to a new system or decommissioning of a legacy system.

migration-center can move content for a fraction of the costs and time, compared to competitor solutions or custom-built manual approaches. Its ability to keep the chain of custody as content migrates has been proven across many projects in the most stringent of industries and should give you the confidence nothing will be lost.

It is a highly automated solution, scaling to process large volumes of data without system downtime. It includes autoclassification using machine learning and is evolving to cover cloud to cloud use cases.


Meta Data Transformation Engine

An advanced, rule based metadata transformation capability, which is so powerful and flexible as to require no additional programming or scripting.


Managing Large Data Volumes

migration-center allows the easy organization and processing of large data volumes without interference with daily business operation.


Central Migration Database

All information about the target model, sets, rules and objects is centrally maintained. Transformation operations can thus be defined and created, then simulated and tested real-time without moving any objects.


Predefined Migration Approach

The typical migration process consists of certain clearly defined steps. migration-center allows the analyst to follow the same six migration phases in each project.


Successive Delta Migrations

The secret weapon of migration-center is the ability to carry out successive delta migration of your source systems. This permits migration activities in the initial project phase on live data without effecting your daily business operations.


Real-time Simulation and Test

For each individual set, migration-center allows the dynamic simulation and testing of all transformation rules before committing content to repository import.


Ready for Sensitive Environments

migration-center has been validated and approved by many companies in regulated environments, e.g. international pharmaceutical players.


Open Connectivity Architecture

migration-center grants out-of-the-box connection of virtually any source to any target system via the migration-center framework & API.

Our Expertise

ECM Document migration and Chrome Consulting

As a leading implementer of ECM solutions in Australia, Chrome offers a wealth of experience in data migration and best practice.

With migration-center, we are now able to overcome all these migration challenges and migrate content without customisation and in an agile way. When using the available connectors, no development is required to connect to most legacy source systems.

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