Automated Invoice Processing in SAP

Digitalize, simplify and streamline invoice processes within your organization and gain up to 50% efficiencies.


Invoice Management for SAP

The SAP Invoice automation delivers an automated purchase order and invoice to payment process, including OCR. SAP Invoice Automation is a pre-packaged SAP application deeply integrated with SAP ERP or S/4HANA to streamline Accounts Payable (AP) operations. SAP Invoice Automation optimises and simplifies the process of capturing via OCR, managing, monitoring, and routing invoices and credit memos.

Invoices are processed more efficiently and quickly posting without any manual intervention if there are no issues. Problem invoices are automatically routed for the most appropriate resolution, approval, and payment. SAP Invoice Automation tracks and manages invoice processing where AP, procurement, warehouse and finance staff can have complete visibility on the invoice progress and facilitate collaboration to resolve problems. The analytics identifies bottlenecks and further opportunities for improvements. This is important to ensure payment times are optimised for discounts or to avoid penalties.


Preconfigured workflows for faster implementation

Invoice Management has some pre configured rules, roles and actions based on industry best practices for processing for SAP invoices. Through experience Chrome knows which are the most common rules and workflows and how they can be configured and extended for service related spend.


Robust reporting and analytics with historical tracking

Processes are tracked by individual, role and invoice attributes—reporting and analytics help analyse the processing cycles for improvements. Chrome’s experience helps the organisation quickly identify underlying causes of bottlenecks across the P2P lifecycle from purchase orders, goods receipt, incorrect master data and the impact of configuration. Chrome’s approach help’s prepare the organisation for the required governance to minimise issues.


Improve financial returns by gaining deeper discounts for early payments

Chrome’s design for streamlined workflows, reminders and shortened time to pay puts an optimised process in place, so the organisation can take advantage of early payment discounts to increase profit or avoid paying early when there is no financial benefit. Furthermore, in Australia, the Payment Times Report Scheme PTRS has obligations on payment terms and performance.


Reduce costs and boost productivity through automated capture and processing

Reduce the effort to capture using OCR with Machine Learning and a quick method of correcting either data extraction or decisions taken afterwards.

If there is a match to POs and/or Good Receipts post the invoice ready for payment without being touched. If there is an exception, workflow the image and the action to the correct user to resolve.


Automatic data entry using OCR

Use the most advanced OCR technology and document analysis to automate the transfer of data from paper invoices or e-mail attachments to input into SAP.

Our Expertise

Automated Invoice Processing in SAP and Chrome Consulting

Chrome Consulting has a rich history implementing invoice automation in some of the largest and complex organisations based out of Australia, offering industry-leading consultants with a wealth of experience, including understanding the cultural changes needed across procurement, finance and accounts payable.

Our customer’s receive the best consulting advice and best practice guidance, while minimising risks in the implementation.

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