SharePoint/SAP Integration

Deliver complete content lifecycle management for documents in Teams and/or Sharepoint (on prem or cloud) sites including archiving and records management.


SAP Extended ECM for Office 365

SAP Extended ECM for Office 365 offers process-driven collaboration and integrates key business systems, such as ERP, CRM and HCM, with Office 365 for increased productivity and easier access to the information, resulting in efficient processes with compliant and controlled information.

The coupling of these addresses collaboration and productivity challenges seen within recent times providing a means for meeting the strong requirement and desire for organizations to be connected, collaborate, be informed, as well as delivering the right content to support a decision or a business process.

This solution integrates content services with Office 365 leading applications to bridge content silos, expedite information flows and expand governance. This integration leverages an organization’s existing investment in Microsoft solutions and enterprise content services improving transparency and insight to improve decision making, automate business processes and expand the reach of governance policies.


Access process and business critical documents from within Office 365

Provides access to process driven content from integrated systems such as SAP, via OpenText business workspaces within the context of the Office UI.


Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Provides the means to work collaboratively within Microsoft Teams and access key information that can be sourced from integrated systems such as SAP via business workspaces. The solution also manages Microsoft Office 365 Teams lifecycle, from creation to archiving and disposition.



Allows users to search for content stored in OpenText through the SharePoint interface as well as select items from Office 365 to store in OpenText.


Records management and archiving with SharePoint® support

Manages and governs the lifecycle of important electronic business information, including the providing feature rich ability to archive SharePoint sites and documents. This supports SharePoint Server on-premises and SharePoint Online for archiving of content.



Provides the means to leverage document co-authoring capabilities in Microsoft Office for content stored in OpenText Extended ECM for Microsof Office 365.

Our Expertise

SharePoint/SAP Integration and Chrome Consulting

Chrome Consulting is the largest SAP/OpenText consultancy in ANZ with over 200 years of cumulative experience over 135 different customer engagements document enabling SAP solutions.

Chrome has delivered more than 80% of the XECM projects to date in ANZ and help create the first plant maintenance accelerator for XECM.

Chrome holds SAP and OpenText certified partnerships and their joint award.

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