Process Mining and Execution Management

Measure the actual performance of your business process, act on process execution gaps and process deviations with realtime automated actions and continuous monitor process improvement.


Use process mining to truly understand your business

Process Mining offers objective, fact-based insights on how your business processes are actually performing. By extracting process information and events from your business data we can visualise your processes in realtime.

We use Celonis Execution Management System to mine your process data and identify variation and execution gaps in your process. With the use of specialized algorithms we rapidly identify area’s of improvements, execute root cause analysis and provide solutions to execution gaps and optimize your process.

With automated skills, Robotic Process Automation(RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (IA) Celonis Execution Management System can predict execution gaps and prevent these without manual interventions and therefore implement continuous improvements to achieve process excellence.


Maximising your business impact

Given the complexity, and traditionally manual nature of finding process weaknesses, most companies are unaware of their lost potential, and simply accept this as an unconscious cost of doing business. In theory, they could be losing up to 30% of their revenue this way.


Understand how processes really work

When you think about all the processes, process steps and people involved in completing a task, rarely is there one person or team with visibility into how each step is performed. If one area is underperforming it impacts all the others, and every hour it takes to find these unintended impacts, is value leaking from your process.

Our Expertise

Process Mining and Execution Management and Chrome Consulting

Our Process Excellence team performs real-time X-ray’s on key operational processes. We use the power of data to discover inefficiencies and use AI to recommend and prioritise smarter process interactions. By streamlining your process and increasing automation we help our customer save money and improve process experience in weeks, not months.

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