SAP Extended Content Management for Engineering

Capture, control, share, review and publish engineering drawings and documents across the lifecycle of projects from construction to subsequent operation.


SAP Extended Content Management for Engineering

Through the reliable access to consistent accurate content XECM for Engineering helps to efficiently control the risk to engineering project scope, schedule and costs. This delivers quicker returns on engineering investments by reducing time to commission and enabling more efficient asset operations. The solution optimises collaboration on large volumes of content with internal and external parties. It includes secure, high-speed transmissions with complete control and tracking capabilities.

XECM for Engineering provides a single, authoritative repository for storing and controlling engineering documents and work processes. The viewer allows secure, web-based viewing and annotation of engineering artefacts for efficient review, approval and production workflows without the need for native applications.

Organisations can also integrate SAP Plant Maintenance via the Extended ECM for SAP to provide operations and maintenance with management of change processes to continually improve the quality of this controlled engineering and asset information. It also enables immediate access to this information by linking it to the assets, functional locations and work processes in SAP Plant Maintenance to help increase asset uptime.


Document Control

Extended ECM for Engineering offers a single, authoritative library of documents. All stakeholders – Document controllers, Engineers, External Contractors, Operations personnel are able to capture, review, distribute, publish and consume information reliably with the peace of mind that every document has complied with the thorough rigour and compliance in relation to revision controls and approvals.


Simple, easy yet fully traceable collaboration

Internal and External collaboration on asset or project related documentation is facilitated via use of cloud-based document sharing platform and transmittals.


Tight Integration with LOB’s and authoring tools

Integration with SAP Plant Maintenance for structured data and some of the leading drawing management toolsets such as Bentley, AutoDesk, Dassault, Revit enables stakeholders to consume all information from a single repository thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.


Multi-faceted Insights into Information and Processes

Role based dashboards and notifications facilitates gaining useful insights into document review cycles, engineering deliverables status, identifying review and approval bottlenecks

Our Expertise

Engineering and drawing management and Chrome Consulting

With an extensive and deep domain experience in capital intensive industries such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining & Infrastructure and Defence, Chrome Consulting can be relied upon as your trusted partner in evaluating, planning, designing, developing, implementing, and sustaining an enterprise-wide solution for managing your engineering and asset related content.

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