SAP Product Lifecycle Management

Enables a faster, more visible, higher quality and more productive product development process, with SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


Maximise your investment in SAP using SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

The SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) provides a 360 degree approach in managing all things related to the development and delivery of any product. It helps companies plan, design, build and administer production with greater visibility and more control.

The SAP PLM solution consists out of 6 portfolio applications. These are Project Portfolio Management, Product Costing; Commercial Project Management; Product Engineering; Project Network and Product Development. Together, these solutions drive innovation, integrate the product management process, and ensure that every step meets the highest health and safety requirements. Combining important, relevant documents improves the business return and keeps consistency for unstructured contextual information.


Drive Innovation

With the PLM suite of products, which include analytical and business intelligence tools, companies can leverage new opportunities in the market, better, faster, and with more insight, whilst identifying new strategic opportunities. By aligning capabilities, partners and skills, SAP PLM supports innovation and design.


Integrated Product Management

Stay ahead of the competition by introducing your products to the market faster than your competitors and calculating costs and risks much better. Enables better product management and support processes end-to-end. Design and Manufacturing components and processes are synchronized on the PLM platform, and cross-discipline collaboration is enabled to deliver better productivity.


Ensure Product Compliance

Health and Safety are key components within SAP PLM. Health and Safety Risks are easily identified and assessed, and compliance is ensured in sales, service and distribution.


SAP Project portfolio management

Optimize resources and get new products and services to market faster with centralized processes and information. Develop new products and services profitably by optimising resources and speeding time to market. Tap into flexible support for your enterprise portfolio and project management (EPPM) processes and integrate financial and logistic information seamlessly.


SAP Product costing

Improve profits by managing costs accurately in the early design phase. Secure future product margins in the early stages, when the design is evolving and master data is incomplete. With the SAP Product Lifecycle Costing solution, you can gain visibility across teams, proactively manage costs, and support new product innovations and customer-specific engineered products.


SAP Commercial project management

Increase project profitability and reduce risks with a collaborative project workspace and integrated planning. Help your teams plan, manage, and collaborate on projects, whether they are in the same building or halfway around the world. With the SAP Commercial Project Management application, you can achieve maximum efficiency and quickly adapt to changes to avoid unplanned costs.


SAP Product engineering

Combine mechanical and electrical and electronic design data on a single platform and enable cross-discipline collaboration. With SAP Engineering Control Center, you can integrate business data from SAP software with design information from authoring systems for mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) and electrical and electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) software and other simulation tools.

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SAP Product Lifecycle Management and Chrome Consulting

Chrome Consulting is the largest SAP ECM consultancy services company in Australia & New Zealand having implemented over 80% of the SAP ECM to date. We have extensive experience across the entire PLM lifeycle including engineering change management and variant configuration.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience across almost every industry domain makes Chrome a trusted partner when providing advice and designing solutions.

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