VIM Support should never be considered as purely a technical requirement

Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) solutions are implemented based on the best information at the time of the design.

Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) solutions are implemented based on the best information at the time of the design. When the solution moves into the daily routine, invariably scenarios will appear that were not previously thought of or considered, at the beginning of the project. This is why VIM support is an ongoing activity that must evolve beyond the initial project and hyper care.

VIM support should never be considered as purely technical. It’s actually a dialogue between the organization and your support provider on how business processes can be best supported and continuously improved.

Chrome Consulting understands that businesses are not just looking for a technical support model but that they also require a partner who can advise and collaborate on how processes can be improved to receive better ROI.

At Chrome, we do not just rate our customer support success on fulfilling the SLA. We make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with our service. If a problem arises, we will investigate why it happened, and have a dialogue with you about the solution and options. We will implement the agreed solution and work with you to achieve the best outcome.

We are not just about strategic consulting and project work. Chrome is all about having an ongoing relationship with our customers, so they know that we are always there to support them.

The vast experience of our P2P team (37+ implementations and support contracts over 17 industries) means our customers enjoy new and innovative ideas in VIM processing and automation, not only BAU support in their daily operations.

We continuously work to help our customers who want to capitalise on the 6 AP trends identified by the Institute of Finance and Management 2015 AP Technology Survey & White Paper, namely:

  • A decline in paper invoice volumes;
  • Wider adoption of workflow;
  • Growth of mobile capture and document access;
  • Better alignment of procurement and AP;
  • Tighter integration between AP and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems;
  • Adoption of cloud-based AP solutions.

The move to e-Invoicing is gaining more and more traction, with the transition from paper to electronic invoicing being driven by better efficiency and transparency. In February 2019, the Australian and New Zealand governments announced that they both intended to adopt the PEPPOL interoperability framework for e-Invoicing. This framework is used in over 34 countries and is increasingly being adopted worldwide. For more information go to:

Supporting our clients and providing exceptional customer service is what we pride ourselves on at Chrome Consulting. As the only partner to focus solely on SAP-based OpenText solutions in Australia, we are in the best position to implement and support complex VIM solutions integrated into SAP.

Whether it’s Hyper-Care, Stakeholder coaching, and training, product maintenance, BAU Support, or e-Invoicing in VIM to optimise your VIM implementation, Chrome understands the challenges and can quickly turn these challenges into wins.