Supporting you on the transformation journey to optimise business through content service initiatives, from executive education, business case creation to roadmap development.

ECM Strategy

Our proposed ECM strategy follows industry learnings and best practices. It also encompasses information applied from AIIM and Mike 2.0.

The ECM strategy forms the foundation for the delivery of ECM to an organisation. Without a foundation, it is not a question of “if” an implementation will fail; it’s “when”. Many implementations commence without a strategy, governance framework or information architecture. This lack of foundation creates an environment with bespoke components of ECM layered across the organisation, with no consistency, structure, or overarching plan.

You cannot simply layer additional floors onto the top of a building without the right foundation and ECM is no different. ECM requires a strong foundation from the outset and a plan to ensure that the end product is fit for purpose and aligned with the business requirements.

The process of developing an enterprise content management strategy at Chrome seeks to provide the following output:

  • Where are we now?
  • What are current problems?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?

Business Cases

Without a valid business case, your project is doomed to fail before it starts

Many ECM strategies are doomed to fail because the benefits simply aren’t tangible. They provide generic cost savings per employee with no real metric on how they can be achieved.

At Chrome, our business case looks at each functional stream and seeks to first identify real and tangible benefits that can be measured and costed so management can ensure the benefit realisation is realistic.

Rather than taint the business case with utopian views of value realisations, we show which have a high return, which have a low return and where there is no value to be gained at all. In some cases, value may come down to compliance with relevant standards or legislation and these will be identified and documented as part of the business case.

Our business cases are tailored to individual customers and have been audited and reviewed as part of business case funding by third party auditors.


A good roadmap should provide clear guidance on how you can meet your goals.

Chrome is one of the only organisations capable of delivering ERP-centric ECM roadmaps that show how to align your ECM streams to ECM with best practices.

Creating a roadmap for your SAP implementation isn’t simply matching ECM to your SAP streams. You need to understand how long each stream will take, the dependencies, and whether some streams will require more dynamic approaches to meet deadlines.

Our roadmaps also include critical foundational activities required to deliver the over arching program, including ECM governance, Information Architecture, and Data Migration.

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