Upgrades, Support & Health Checks

Chrome Consulting provides class leading support, with upgrade services to maintain your required software support and health checks for those looking to evaluate their next steps.


Supporting your upgrades with a low cost/low risk service offering

Upgrading to the latest software release ensures systems are optimized, run efficiently, and are supportable. Chrome consulting works alongside your business to manage your upgrade with a focus on technology and change impact.

We understand the importance of the thorough investigation, documentation, and research to deliver a stable, business-relevant, and supportable platform.

We provide a full range of services to upgrade your solution successfully:

  • Upgrade planning and assessment, scoping, and feasibility to realize the full potential of your solution.
  • Investigate new product releases and capabilities to benefit your business
  • Technical and Functional Upgrade to modernize SAP Solution Extension by OpenText to meet product support lifecycle and provide richer functionality.


Chrome support offers ensure that support is there to help the solution deliver value

Chrome consulting provides multiple levels of support from pre-go-live to user training and then to level 2 and beyond. Following the ITIL framework, we support all OpenText products and their touchpoints with functional SAP modules, workflow and ABAP.

We are the largest SAP OpenText Extended Content Management (xECM) and OpenText VIM Consultancy services company in Australia and New Zealand implementing over 80% of the xECM projects in ANZ. We have extensive capability across all xECM modules including Engineering and is the largest SAP archiving consulting service company in ANZ.

We understand OpenText products and we understand the nature of effective support, triaging and resolving your issues quickly and effectively.

Our support services include;

  • Pre go-live support and training
  • Post go-live support and hyper care
  • Cross functional stabilisation
  • BAU support of the underlying Product Suite and implemented Solution

Health Checks

Sometimes you need to take a health check to understand the real state of your systems

Common to many implementations, the business outcomes do not always deliver the potential benefits identified at the start of the project. Changes in People, Technology, and Process impact the effectiveness of implemented solutions and can diminish realisation of business value and benefits post-project.

Our approach is to engage with relevant Business and Technology stakeholders to:

  • Identify, Categorise, Prioritise and provide recommendations on improvements
  • Review of Software compatibility, new product functionality, and product support maintenance timeframes
  • Software version checks to validate all installed software and their compatibility
  • Software version alignments to validate that all components in every environment are aligned and consistent
  • System availability, backup, and redundancy checks to check customer expectation of recovery point objective supported by the underlying infrastructure
  • Best practice checks to confirm if the installation and configuration reference is per vendor best practices guidelines.
  • System resource checks covering server utilization against system usage are optimal for the ongoing workloads
  • Recommendations on Change Management and training

In the VIM space, we focus on increased transparency for Accounts Payable and Purchasing professionals and on reducing the ‘touch points’ of the IM workflow tasks and, therefore, the overhead of time required by users across the business to resolve exceptions preventing documents from posting successfully. A health check should be undertaken as part of a continuous improvement initiative or because of a symptom, such as low invoice automation, late payments, or excessive rework.

The outcome is an Executive Management presentation and a report detailing a road map of recommendations prioritised on risk, complexity, and value to the organisation.

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