Document & Records Management linked to data through Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and EDRMS

Achieve consistency with your records retention and disposal quickly in an SAP / OpenText environment to manage structured and unstructured data as one.


Holistic Information Management, optimising what is kept and what is disposed.

Any business activity is typically represented through a combination of structured and unstructured data. For example, an organisation’s procurement activities will be supported by supplier master data (structured) stored in a business application such as SAP, and the signed supplier contract is stored in an ECM solution such as OpenText.

The data and documents are usually held in the online databases in the SAP or the ECM solution. As volumes increase over time, there is an adverse impact on performance, back-up time, in-memory licensing and hardware resources. Putting older documents and data into an archive reduces the online database size while retaining full accessibility. Eventually, the data and documents should be disposed of entirely, whether in the online database or archive.

SAP and OpenText jointly offer solutions to manage this data as a unified archive ensuring the data and documents are kept for the correct length of time and disposed of together, eliminating orphaned documents or data.

The SAP ILM Veto Business Add-in for OpenText Extended ECM Records Management Platform helps achieve this consistent records management compliance for documents and data. It simply links the two solutions together and quickly brings record management control over your data.


Unified Archive

ILM enforces retention rules on archived SAP objects based on policies. Associated documents are managed by xECM records management capabilities. Both sets of data can be managed securely in the trusted unified OpenText Archive. The unified archive platform supports WORM-like devices for secure retention, which is tamper-proof.\


Retention Management

The solution provides for a joint retention management capability allowing the retention policies to automate the calculation of expiration dates for responsible destruction of data and associated content when it expires.

During eDiscovery resulting from a legal claim, the solution applies legal holds and prevents the associated data and content from being destroyed.


Automated Synchronised Data and Content Lifecycles

To prevent the single-sided deletion of SAP data or content, SAP ILM implements two business rules:

– If a document is attached, do not delete SAP data

– If SAP data has is subject to a legal hold, pass that hold onto its related content

Our Expertise

Document & Records Management linked to data through Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and EDRMS and Chrome Consulting

Chrome Consulting is the largest SAP/OpenText Extended Content Management consultancy in Australia and New Zealand, implementing over 80% of the xECM projects.

Chrome consultants’ in-depth knowledge and experience in the Records Management domain and SAP make Chrome a trusted partner for SAP data and content archiving and retention management.  Chrome holds partnerships and solution certifications with both SAP and OpenText.

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