OCR for Digital Document Automation

Automate and maximises information capture using deeper insights through Machine Learning. New document formats are catered for quickly with simple click to learn capabilities.


Intelligent Capture for SAP (IC4SAP)

Research shows that up to 80% of business-to-business communications is still document-based. Digitisation is a crucial step in becoming efficient. Intelligent Capture for SAP Solutions is the next generation data extraction technology for business documents processed in SAP.

Intelligent Capture automates the digitalisation of any incoming SAP-related documents. It uses the newest machine learning technology, based on adaptive learning algorithms, and learns from user click feedback. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is used for character recognition and extraction. It seamlessly integrates with SAP and uses that SAP data to enhance data extraction and recognition.

In the P2P process, the invoice knowledge base augments the solution. Simple tuning and simple architecture requirements make this the best-in-class solution.


Intelligent capture with machine learning

Leverages machine learning algorithms for continuous, self-adapting information extraction


Efficient and effortless data completion

Accelerated data entry with a single-click and data validation ensures that data entry and completion processes are optimised.


Deep and robust SAP integration

Built into SAP with configuration in the SAP IMG ensures robust integration , orchestration and access through OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions.


Global applicability for multinational organisations

IC4SAP includes flexible support for documents from more than 100 countries, along withinvoice knowledge base for 32 countries.


Simple deployment

All configuration settings and custom requirements are conducted inside SAP.


Effortless operation and no risk of data loss

As the solution works directly with data from SAP, there is no risk of production data loss while working with the IC4SAP solution.


30 years of industry experience

Incorporates best practices and industry experience gained from more than 30 years of engagement with Fortune 500 customers.

Our Expertise

OCR for digital document automation (or Intelligent Capture for SAP Solutions) and Chrome Consulting

Chrome Consulting has a rich history implementing invoice automation solutions in some of the largest organisations in Australia, offering industry leading consultants.

Our solutions incorporate IC4SAP with Chrome leading the way in Australia with the first implementations conducted on IC4SAP in ANZ.

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