SAP Document Storage with ArchiveLink

Drive productivity and efficiency with SAP document archiving by using the native SAP capability to store and retrieve all types of documents.


Enabling SAP ArchiveLink with OpenText Archiving and Document Access

SAP document storage with ArchiveLink is a service in base SAP, for linking documents uploaded or attached to SAP. The links, created in this way, guarantee permanent access to the documents from within SAP. You can display an archived document directly from a related application document. You can also use attributes to search. These functions save you from time-consuming tasks such as copying original documents and searching for process-related information.

ArchiveLink can be used with SAP’s free content server or the advanced capability of SAP Archiving and Document Access by OpenText, which adds tiered of storage, compression, encryption; and can be re-used for SAP data archiving. OpenText also includes the Doculink interface for the added capability of showing relationships between transactions (similar to XECM).


Improve Operational Efficiency

Integrate business documents with SAP transactions, by attaching documents from e-mail and desktop applications to SAP transactions, leaving a complete record with all relevant information at your fingertips. Eliminating process inefficiencies associated with manual, paper-based processes, and information silos.


Work smarter and quicker

Free IT and line-of-business people to focus on more productive activities, with flexible archiving options and direct access to content, withing the context of the business process. SAP ArchiveLink gives users the tools and information to make informed business decisions, from anywhere and anytime.


Secure storage for complete peace of mind

Stores documents on a secure and compliant platform according to legal regulations and render documents into long-term formats, like PDF/A. Minimize risk with high availability, replication, distribution, and disaster recovery.


Minimize risk by improving compliance processes.

Maintain long-term storage of documents compliantly and tamperproof, while providing the fast accessibility regulators demand. Fulfill and assure requirements for long-term, transaction-level access to financials, that is beyond record attention only. Documents are used or identify other records that contributed to a specific process or transaction. SAP document archiving meets the transaction-related requirements for financial compliance.


Secure long-term archiving

Securely stores SAP documents on an archive server. During its entire life cycle, documents are stored in durable, unalterable, tamper proof form.


Incoming document integration

Captures incoming documents in any format (paper, e-mails, office documents, desktop files, and so on), optionally transforms them to a long-term format, integrates them with SAP transactional processes and stores them in context with the transaction.


Outgoing document integration and print list (content extract) archiving

Captures outgoing documents (invoices, delivery notes, and so on) and content extracts generated by SAP reports and links them to SAP transactional data.


High availability/distribution/disaster recovery

Enables best-practice strategies for ensuring high availability (hot standby, failover), flexible distribution (remote standby, cache server) and protection from disaster (replication and backup scenarios).

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SAP Document Storage with ArchiveLink and Chrome Consulting

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