SAP Engineering Change Management

Manages the change to various aspects of production basic data (for example, BOMs, task lists, materials, and documents ) with history and/or specific conditions.


Bring your control to your data in industries like aeronautics and defence

Implementing Change Management is inevitable where complex master data changes are required. Therefore, the relative importance and complexity of implementing change management will differ depending on the specific industry and the extent of applicable regulation.

For instance, industries such as pharmaceuticals and aerospace are highly regulated and therefore change management is typically found to be lengthy, complex, and time-critical.

One of the key components of this change management process is the documents associated with the change. The combined solution from SAP and OpenText helps achieve a high degree of control and compliance combined with an effective review and approval of the related documents.

The Extended ECM for SAP solution from OpenText hooks into this change management process via out-of-box integration available for some of the commonly involved SAP objects such as Notifications, Bill of Materials and Task Lists. This enables an effective control and review of the unstructured content associated with a change.


Transparent, automatic, and seamless access

All documents associated with corresponding SAP business objects such as Notification, Material Master, Task List that are typically involved with a change request / change order in SAP are readily and seamlessly available to business users. This helps in quickly ascertaining all documents associated with a change management process in SAP


Contextual single source of truth

All parties involved with a change in SAP will be accessing same set of documents for all related SAP business objects throughout the change process – i.e. from identifying a need for change to closing the change.


Powerful collaboration. Workflow and publishing capabilities

Documents identified with a change process, can be collaborated upon, reviewed and changed, approved and published using powerful workflow features and capabilities available from OpenText.

Our Expertise

SAP Engineering Change Management and Chrome Consulting

Chrome Consulting is the largest SAP / OpenText Extended Content Management consultancy services company in Australia & New Zealand implementing over 80% of the xECM projects.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in highly regulated industries such as Oil and Gas, Public Sector (Defence and Aerospace) domain makes Chrome a trusted partner when providing advice and designing solutions.

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