SAP Extended Content Management

Embed relevant content directly into the business processes running in SAP. Deliver 20-30% increased efficiency while seamlessly integrating Microsoft 365.


SAP Extended ECM by OpenText (XECM)

SAP Extended ECM (XECM) is a web services-based content platform for all content. XECM takes this further by embedding content management capabilities into the SAP processes (ECC, S/4 on-prem/cloud, SuccessFactors). The word “Extended” refers to the integration into the data, permissions and user interfaces. Other XECM solutions exist for Office 365 (Outlook, Teams, OneNote, SharePoint, Office), Salesforce and Engineering/CAD tools.

Deep integration means user activity in SAP automatically controls the creation of related folders, inherits data, relationships, and sets security permissions in XECM. Consequently, XECM folders are organised and secured automatically. XECM is well-governed, up to date and relevant with zero manual effort. These folders can then seamlessly create the same structure and permissions in Microsoft 365, tying the business environment (SAP) to collaborative solutions (Microsoft).

Users can then access content wherever they work, such as Microsoft solutions or the SAP user interface. Content is created, viewed, and managed within SAP or office applications, but the context and linkage are maintained.

In addition, XECM includes a class-leading records management capability allowing organisations to “set and forget” through the inheritance of retention and disposal information from SAP. Users don’t realise they are complying with Records Management as it is silent.


Increase user productivity and delivery beyond 20% further ROI on SAP

Having information embedded in the transaction context or having easy access to SAP from Teams or Outlook saves clicks and time to find the correct content. In the case of asset maintenance, it can save significant time preparing for and executing maintenance work. It also reduces the risk of user error and in some cases injury.


Reduce costs to administer the content management system

XECM automatically inherits folders, hierarchies, security permissions, and SAP master data tags reducing manual effort. It synchronises permissions, so those with access to the SAP vendor have access to the documents area automatically.


Litigation exposure and records management

Automate and document the deletion of personal data and related content in managing customer records in compliance with legal requirements for data retention and destruction.

Extended ECM allows organisations to meet modern compliance standards such as IS015489.


Simplify access to all relevant information

Gain a 360-degree view of all information as part of your business processes across departments and office locations.


Mitigate compliance risk

Reduce regulatory compliance risk by implementing a DoD 5015.2-certified records management solution for unstructured content, including physical records.


Enterprise archiving

Write content onto alternate, unchangeable storage media; time-stamp it; and then retain audit trails within the archive. XECM will automatically identify duplicate instances of content within the file system to eliminate redundant copiesa

Our Expertise

SAP Extended Content Management (XECM) and Chrome Consulting

Chrome Consulting is the largest SAP/OpenText consultancy in ANZ with over 200 years of cumulative experience over 135 different customer engagements document enabling SAP solutions.

Chrome has delivered more than 80% of the XECM projects to date in ANZ and help create the first plant maintenance accelerator for XECM.

Chrome holds SAP and OpenText certified partnerships and their joint award.

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