Mining and Chemical Manufacturer

Leading chemical manufacturer Mining and Chemical Manufacturer Chrome Consulting was contracted by a leading global mining and chemical manufacturer to form part of their global transformation to more than 10 countries. Taking over three years to implement, incorporates multiple languages and country-specific legislative requirements impacting more than 3,290 documented business processes. Worker safety was the […]

Bringing Energy to life Jemena Jemema have been a long time user of the OpenText Content Server platform. With the release of Content Suite 16 which included the new Smart UI and extended integration into SAP, Jemena knew upgrading to Content Suite 16 was an important foundation step towards realising their vision of integrating SAP […]

Leading dairy company in New Zealand Dairy Company Chrome Consulting supported a Global dairy company to upgrade their OpenText Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) and Invoice Capture Center (ICC) solutions. Both VIM and ICC are deemed business-critical 3rd party products. The version of OpenText components the company was running prior to upgrade had reached out-of-life support […]